1% for the planet

1% for the planet

Our collections are designed in harmony with the Earth, its elements and its human, animal or plant lives. Our holistic commitment to positive fashion is extended through environmental philanthropy aiming to reconnect fashion with human and environmental causes: major commitments too long forgotten by the industry.

Environmental philanthropy

Environmental philanthropy is complementary to eco-responsible fashion. We are a proud member of the 1% for the Planet network alongside 500 French companies that donate 1% of their global turnover to leading environmental associations every year. This unconditional support is asserted by the donation of a share of our turnover rather than our profits, only guarantee of a real commitment.

1% for the Planet brings together sponsor-companies and environmental NGOs. Its objective is to amplify local actions for a global impact. On a global scale 1% for the Planet collects every year nearly 27 million dollars redistributed to 3,500 associations committed to 6 major causes: climate, food, natural spaces, pollution, water and wildlife.

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Our choice is also yours

We wish to offer you the choice to support associations that resonate with your own personal convictions. With each purchase, you can decide which actions you would like us to support. We then adjust our donations according to your choices. In line with our quest for harmony between the elements, we support leading associations acting on the ground every day in favor of Water, Earth, Air and Animal Life.

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Water is the source of life. We support a leading association for the protection of the oceans: the Surfrider Foundation. The latter is committed to putting an end to the annual discharge of 10 million tons of waste into our oceans, to the development of the coastline and to the protection of our health through ensuring greater water quality.

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As a fundamental element, the Earth is placed under the protection of the Good Planet Foundation, chaired by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Thanks to donations, the association deploys awareness programs and field actions to promote ecology and humanism.

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The Air we breathe is precious. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution is one of our wishes. Thanks to you, we support the WWF in its actions in favor of the ecological transition and the limitation of global warming.


Animal lives

At the core of our values are kindness and the principle of non-cruelty (Ahimsa). To protect animal lives, we support The Rain Forest Trust. The association preserves the tropical forests, home to thousands of wildlife species currently threatened by deforestation.

Our holistic approach, conscious of the impact of each of our actions, extends our vision of a slow fashion by a mobilization alongside environmental NGOs. Through your purchase, you are contributing to protect and give back to our planet for a better future.