4 elements

We are formed of 4 bodies: a body of earth, a body of water, a body of air and a body of fire; all of them connect us to subtle worlds

Reconnect with our source,
live in harmony with our environment

Source of poetic, literary and physical inspiration, the four elements are deeply connected to the human being. Our body and all our environment are formed by these elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. These four fundamentals of life exist in both visible and more subtle dimensions. The ancients had this knowledge, which ceased to be taught at one point and remains essential.

By moving away from living nature and cutting our bond with Mother Earth, we have weakened these 4 bodies in us; they are just waiting to be reactivated. The description of Nature in 4 elements dates back to Antiquity and remains truthful to our current situation. Contemporary men who exploit the richness they thought inexhaustible brings us back today to search for answers within this timeless knowledge. We must always keep in mind that we are only short-lived tenants of the natural wealth that has been passed on to us and that the good we do to our environment will be transmitted to future generations.

It is up to us to bring back a deep sense of balance in our life through the four elements. It is about healing relationships both with oneself and with the world around us. Being Olistic entails the activation of our 4 bodies of earth, water, air and fire.