An encounter with Charlotte Gomez de Orozco, Founder of Hoy


Like Camille Jaillant, designer of the sustainable luxury brand Olistic the Label, other women entrepreneurs are embarking on the path to a more sustainable luxury. Discover our encounter with Charlotte Gomez de Orozco, the talented entrepreneur who imagined HOY, a unique yoga hotel in Paris.

Can you tell us more about HOY and what it stands for?

I wouldn’t describe it as a lifestyle location, because that would be quite a cliché. HOY is a yoga studio where you can also share a meal or a drink with friends, extend your day with wellness treatments and get away from the hustle and bustle of Paris for the night. HOY is an authentic, inclusive place, built around yoga, but where everyone is welcome. It’s a place that is locally focused on escape. My clientele is mostly Parisian, but the menus are in English to make them travel and MESA’s vegetarian cuisine is a tribute to my native Mexican roots, and my team is very international.

HOY is an authentic, inclusive place, built around yoga, but where everyone is welcome

How do you manage to bring to life such a place combining the holistic approach of a hotel, a restaurant (MESA), a yoga studio (YUJ) but also a florist and care institute? 

It’s a human adventure where we have to do a lot of testing, because everything we offer is new. Our chef cultivates a permaculture vegetable garden on the roof. We had also installed hives there; unfortunately, our bees and the neighboring species didn’t get along. We followed the advice of a beekeeper and preferred to stop this project. Recently, we have developed takeaway sales but took the time to look for sustainable packaging, no way for us to serve using single-use plastic! We offer returnable or reusable containers (QR codes give access to our suggestions). Like our clients, we are learning more and more every day as we embark on this path to sustainability!

Like our clients, we are learning more and more every day as we embark on this path to sustainability!

 Was there a defining moment for HOY?  

I always wanted to open a hotel, but this call came in quite a radical manner. At that time, I was working tirelessly at Le Gisou, my wine bar rue Lepic. During a trip, all the pressure dropped off, I experienced strong anxiety and realized that I needed to find sense again. Yoga helped me to come back to myself and guided me towards this project. HOY was born out of a lack in the hospitality industry and out of this personal transformation. While practicing yoga intensely in Bali, I also became more aware of the pollution of our oceans. HOY means House of Yoga but also means today in Spanish. Living from day to day, being present here and now, while preserving our future, has been at the heart of this journey, this thread then led me to HOY.

The place you have imagined inspires women in their everyday lives. If you could help yourself by going back a few years, what advice would you give yourself?

To listen to my intuition! I lived two complicated years before the opening. I was surrounded by people who didn’t understand my vision then I met Sabrina Goldin. She heard my ideas and brought them to life for the interior design. From then, everything accelerated and led me to meet my chef only a few weeks before the opening. I believe in alignment : things happen when they have to. It takes patience, trust and, of course, a lot of work.

I believe in alignment : things happen when they have to

How did you discover Olistic the Label?

I met Camille, the designer of Olistic the Label, thanks to our mutual friend Alessandra Bertoldini (OUI Management). She was attending a HOY retreat to break away from her Parisian routine and invited Camille there for a drink.

What is your relationship with fashion? 

My mother used to say that I was obsessed with clothing. I’ve always preferred to buy one piece from a designer rather than many items from fast fashion. My mother always dressed very well; she was three years ahead of her time. We lived in Mexico until I was 14. Over there, fashion wasn’t very developed, we were seen as a family with a rather strange style. Even if it wasn’t necessarily thought out, we tested recycling, because with two little sisters my clothes lived several lives! Today, this relationship is evolving, I buy less and I notice the socio-environmental impact of each piece I buy. However, brands like Olistic are still too rare.

Which piece of your wardrobe is your favorite?

I would say a sleeveless jumpsuit. It’s easy to wear and it’s quite a versatile piece. Since I’ve had it, I haven’t looked at any other jumpsuit, it’s a durable purchase, a timeless garment that keeps me from buying a seasonal one. It’s a garment that reminds me of good memories so I deeply treasure it.

Why did you choose this Olistic Aquarius dress in Burel wool and the peace silk and organic cotton shirt Cygnus? What do they inspire you?

I was attracted by the comfortable and cool feel of this outfit while noticing its elegance. It’s a look that embodies who you are and how you want to be perceived when you’re leading a team: serious, but fun. It’s an easy outfit to live with. Its beautiful blue reminds me of our uniforms. 

What are the words that come to your mind to describe these clothes from Olistic the Label collection, imagined with Arizona Muse?

This see-through shirt is truly timeless, I spend my life looking for pieces like this shirt! As for the long split Aquarius dress, it has a reassuring side, maybe connected to the memory of my jumpsuit that it reminds me a little bit.

Do you have any eco-responsible tips or rituals to share with us?

There are many ways to act and commit to a better environmental impact, but also to a social one. At HOY we want this conscious approach to extend beyond our walls. We offer our customers glass bottles with binchotan coal to purify running water when they visit Paris: this simple gesture can avoid dozens of plastic bottles. Starting with a zero-waste bathroom, thanks to natural products sold in bulk, is also a good starting point.

What is your slow ritual to reconnect with yourself?

I am quite busy and I’m always surrounded by many people, that’s also what I like in the hotel business. Still, I sometimes need to be alone to recharge my batteries and reconnect with my intuition. In these moments, I go home, a few streets away from HOY, to read, to indulge in a beauty ritual or simply to appreciate the silence and return to my breathing.

You are among the few to evoke an approach to well-being and beauty that is oriented towards awakening and healing. Can you tell us more about this “care” philosophy?

I didn’t want to open yet another beauty salon or spa. I wished to offer Parisians and travelers treatments connected to spirituality. These therapeutic rituals are born from the know-how of these women who allow us to discover aromatherapy, sound healing or clean energies. These holistic treatments allow us to lift taboos and liberate women, for example by offering them the opportunity to discover intimate ecology (a process of reappropriation of their bodies and intimate autonomy) to live their sexuality in full consciousness. It’s important for me that through HOY, a place to be found through yoga, the hotel or restaurant, we open the door to these practices to democratize them and transmit them.  

These holistic treatments allow us to lift taboos and liberate women

What’s next for HOY?

I would like to share HOY philosophy on a larger scale by opening similar places in capitals such as London, Amsterdam or Berlin but I’m also aware that keeping our authenticity will be a challenge! I want to keep a human size to protect the essence of HOY. Eventually, I imagine a self-sufficient place in the middle of nature with ten rooms.

I am thinking about a MESA bulk grocery store. I love good food so I’m also thinking of a vegetable pastry store where, like at MESA, everything would be gluten-free, raw and would participate in our pleasure and well-being. Extending the floral workshop by a painting and ceramic creation studio is another idea.

The strength of HOY is also your team, the community you have created around you…

Completely! This circle gathering my chef, the restaurant team and our therapist and naturopaths creates our difference. For me, these committed people should be at the heart of a pedagogic project. I would like other entrepreneurs to benefit from our skills, for having experienced it, it can be discouraging to be little or badly surrounded.

What are your favorite sustainable or local addresses?

I’m often at Le Gisou, but you can also meet me at Clamato, a fish restaurant that I love, or find me dining at Carbón in the Marais. I shop wine at Septime’s cellar to discover new wines and at The Naked Shop, where our skin care products come from.

Which woman would you like to read here?

Sabrina Goldin, she is exciting and has participated in making HOY the place it is today. She’s Argentinean, with her there are no detours, she’s real! She’s a designer with a knack for everything, she created a brand of bags then opened Carbón and now she offers consulting, nothing stops her!

Thanks to Charlotte Gomez de Orozco for her answers and for receiving us at HOY, 68 rue des Martyrs 75009 Paris.