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Raw materials, India, freedom, summer nights, smiles, art and women

Organic luxury is to make less but to tell more

Camille Jaillant, creative director of OLISTIC The Label grew up between the mountains of Switzerland and the Haussmann style buildings of Paris. Surrounded by nature, she loved creating and drawing. Camille was exposed to the fashion world at a young age, learning to sew from her grandmother who was a seamstress for luxury brands. Having both nationalities, she has always been passionate about the French elegance and the Swiss precision. Both creative and committed to a slow lifestyle, she is part of a growing community of sustainable fashion thinkers. After graduating from EDHEC Business School, she worked in Paris and New York for prestigious brands such as Chloé, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Isabel Marant. Her professional experiences within luxury fashion brands have allowed her to develop strong skills in marketing, product development and sustainability. Thanks to her constant travelling, she discovered different cultures and more than 35 countries. The designer pursued her studies with a Master’s Degree at Melbourne’s RMIT with a specialization in Fashion Entrepreneurship.

This journey made her realize the impact of the fashion industry on the Earth and its inhabitants. Her travelling deeply changed the way she saw today’s fashion. It was at this stage that Camille’s passion for creating a sustainable label that holds quality and integrity was born.

Olistic The Label merges her experiences in luxury fashion with values that are close to her heart and lifestyle. Through the various meetings she held in order to build her brand, she forged strong values of sharing, respect and kindness. Fascinated by the Silk Road, Camille was inspired by its craftsmanship and ancestral traditions.

Her creations are meant as a praise to the past by highlighting long-standing and unique skills while also taking part in the writing of the world to come.

Supported by the International Labor Organization (ILO), the United Nations Alliance and UNECE Forest For Fashion (European Commission for Europe of the United Nations) Camille is as committed to sustainable fashion as she is in the broader sense for the environment. She attended numerous conferences and panels on organic farming, women’s independence and preservation of know-how. One of her wood fiber collections was recently exhibited at the United Nations Palace in Geneva for the European Forest Week, and the TERRA collection was presented at New York Fashion Week in September 2019.