Discovering India through the Aman experience


From the mountainous plains of Jackson Hole to the Balinese beaches and the Peloponnesian countryside, the luxury hotel group Aman Hotels & Resorts offers to discover exceptional destinations. An inspired vision of travel, to meet our environment and ourselves. Founded by Indonesian entrepreneur Adrian Zecha, the group has two luxurious charming retreats on the ancestral lands of the maharajas: Aman Amanbagh and Aman-I-Khas.

Entrance to Villa Amanbagh ©AMAN

The Aman philosophy is a subtle balance between luxury and authenticity; a sense of hospitality shared within architectural palaces lost in nature. This conscious and sustainable luxury, turned towards natural beauty is in harmony with the vision of Olistic the Label, the first French brand offering sustainable luxury fashion.

It is on the borders of Rajasthan, a mythical region where vibrant colorful cities meet with lush oases, that these private addresses are hidden. The former royal tiger hunting reserve now hosts Amanbagh, palace of a thousand and one nights fiercely guarded by monkeys nesting in the adjoining trees. Aman, meaning in Sanskrit peace and bagh, garden, wonderfully define this lost paradise. 

The suites and pavilions with Mongolian influences are a perfect example of eco-architecture as imagined by the American architect Ed Tuttle who selected noble materials locally sourced. Under the pink marble domes, green marble swimming pool and bathtubs come from the stone quarries of Udaipur. The refined decoration is enhanced by local works of art. For the architect, “respect for local culture and the impact of each infrastructure on the environment are fundamental” (Wallpaper Magazine).

Infinity pool, Amanbagh ©AMAN

In this immaculate paradise, without any television but adorned with a complete library, the disconnection is full. A timeless experience ideal for distancing oneself from technology and the frenzy of our daily lives. Suspending time to better appreciate the surrounding beauty also defines Olistic fashion. Its sustainable seasonless wardrobe with bohemian elegance will seduce luxury nomads. The GOTS-certified natural materials and clean fluid cuts are a feminine tribute to the freedom of the body.

Breathtaking view of the Fort, Amanbagh ©AMAN

Aman-I-Khas, Aman’s second address in India, offers a true nature-oriented experience in the heart of the Aravalli Hills. A glamping experience adorned with the luxury touch for which Aman is world-renowned. Designed as a nomad camp by French architect Jean-Michel Gathy, 10 high-end tents surround an outdoor lounge lit by a campfire under the starry sky. A spa tent offers massages around the infinity pool. 

The staff comes from the neighboring rural villages, Aman thus participates in the economic development of the region. Aman and Olistic the Label are connected by the employment of local communities and the preservation of know-how. The sustainable fashion label aims to accompany Indian women towards financial independence thanks to the support of an artisanal sericulture dedicated to the cultivation and weaving of peace silk (Ahimsa silk). Disregarding borders while honoring local traditions defines ecotourism as much as responsible fashion. Olistic is committed to preserving the techniques of Indian, Portuguese or French artisanal weavers or embroiderers while limiting the environmental impact of its production.

Aman-i-Khas-Tent Interiors ©AMAN

The body is nourished with fresh ingredients, harvested in the hotel’s organic garden, in the shade of palm and eucalyptus trees. Aromatic herbs invite themselves into the scented baths of the spa. The minimalist gastronomic menu features tasty vegan dishes, a second nature in a country where more than 30% of the population is vegetarian. Sweet spices in shimmering hues awaken the palate. At Aman-I-Khas, guests can enjoy chai tea with an alfresco breakfast at a nearby local farm while culinary demonstrations allow chefs to pass on ancestral knowledge and recipes. 

Vegetarian gastronomy at AMAN I-Khas ©AMAN

While the villas are true sanctuaries, wellness cures complete this luxurious retreat. The spas sublimate indigenous techniques and ingredients in relaxing or revitalizing rituals. The group offers wellness immersions adapted to each desire: yoga and meditation, detox or Ayurveda. Inspired by age-old traditions, the authentic approach departs from the standardized offers of international hotel chains. Reiki and meditation in the open air promote alignment and healing of body and soul.

Aman offers Ayurvedic consultations, a holistic medicine born in India more than 5,000 years ago. Combining traditional therapeutic massages (poornvandana) and nutritional plans, Ayurveda revitalizes the immune system and aims to balance the 3 doshas specific to each constitution.

Yoga, a thousand-year-old practice born in India, is practiced in the open air in chhatri, ancient princely pavilions or in the heart of the Aravalli hills for a total disconnection.

Yoga in the great outdoors at AMAN I-Khas ©AMAN

In order to savor these benefits on a daily basis, the skin treatments signed Aman seal in their recyclable bottles, inspired by Japanese porcelain, rare and precious ingredients such as sandalwood, palo santo, amethysts, gold or pearl powder. This awareness of the impact of each of our action on our planet has led Olistic to propose an exclusively sustainable fashion. A commitment from the creation of the collections to their delivery with a neutral carbon footprint thanks to recycled biodegradable packaging.

Indian spirituality, discovered by Camille Jaillant, founder of the sustainable brand, in an ashram during a silent retreat in Dharamsala, guides Olistic’s approach along with the philosophy of life advocated by yoga. Thus, the principle of ahimsa (non-violence) has led the sustainable luxury brand to choose fully-certified sustainable fibers and resources that respect the planet, human and animal lives, such as vegan peace silk. The label also vows transparency in its production chain in accordance with the satya precept (authenticity).

For travelers wishing to venture beyond the emerald waters of the pool, the hotel offers “adventures” to meet traditional villages, tribal ethnic groups or discover wildlife in nature reserves. At Aman-I-Khas, everyone comes hoping to admire the Bengal tiger, a protected host in Ranthambore National Park where jeeps venture on photo safaris. Extended stays allow to discover the mythical sites and traditions of Rajasthan such as the Cow Dust tour to meet the sacred herds or the visit of the Banghar’s ruins, a legendary city supposedly haunted. While Aman offers eco-responsible excursions, designed to recharge one’s batteries while opening up to the beauty of India, tailor-made experiences will satisfy the slightest guests desires.

View of Fort Bhangarh in Rajasthan ©AMAN

Aman stays are not so much tourism as an invitation to explore the world to nourish one’s curiosity and elevate one’s soul through the beauty of our planet. An inner intimate journey and an aspiration to connect pleasure and responsibility that can be embodied through sustainable travel as well as through the choice of an elegant eco-conscious wardrobe. Achieving nirvana while preserving our planet for the future: this is Olistic’s proposal.