Positive Impact with Greenstory

Our engagement with the impact index

We want to make fashion a more caring and transparent industry to preserve our Earth and its people. So that you can fully measure the ecological impact of our clothes and, to thank you for your trust, we wish to hide nothing from you. Every day we sketch a definition of fashion in harmony with the elements and wish to control the impact of fashion on our planet with the help of accurate and accessible data.

We have chosen to use the Green Story Impact Index. A tool that calculates the true cost of fashion. This cost is not monetary: its price is paid by our planet. This environmental cost corresponds to the life cycle footprint of a single product. By comparing it to traditional industry practices, Green Story quantifies the environmental savings made from the production of the required raw materials to the delivery of your purchases right to your door.

Avoided Emissions

Our fashion aesthetics is airy, it pays homage to fluid materials as if animated by the wind. Preserving our air quality is one of our constant preoccupations while CO2 emissions and pollutants are mostly generated by textile production. Our production cycle limits fashion’s contribution to global warming by reducing carbon emissions at each stage of the life cycle of our products.

Olistic The Label silk dress

Water saving

Water is a precious source of life. We are choosing a production that is more respectful of our water resources by promoting the cultivation of peace silk, which requires less water than traditional silk. We use organic silk and GOTS certified organic cotton that requires little water to grow and does not use any pesticides, chemicals or toxic dyes that could pollute waterways. Our garments are made of 100% natural fibers that do not release any micro plastic waste into our oceans and our GOTS-certified dyes preserve the quality of our water resources.


Avoided Pesticides

Earth is a sacred element. Our vegetal fibers and our peace silk, as well as our packaging, are 100% biodegradable so that no trace of our clothes is left on our planet. The peace silk cultivated and woven by our craftsmen, resulting from an organic agriculture that limits soil degradation, are GOTS-certified. Our sericulture partner ensures that the leaves on which the silkworms feed are free of all pesticides and chemicals toxic to our Earth. We use sustainable materials such as wood fiber (lyocell) from PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) labeled forests. Made from eucalyptus wood, this 100% biodegradable fiber is also free of any pollutants, conditions that favor the planting of trees to compensate for the C02 emitted into the atmosphere.


Butterfly lives saved

At the core of our values are kindness and respect for all lives (human, animal and plant). In a concern for non-cruelty, we favor the vegan culture of peace silk (Ahimsa silk) for which silkworms are not killed and can thus complete their lifecycle. Our garments help to preserve this secular craft tradition and preserve animal life. To offer you a truly sustainable and intrinsically beautiful fashion.