Digital Fashion

Olistic the Label invited the press on September 29th in the summer lounge of the Ritz Hotel to present the winter collection imagined by Arizona Muse, supermodel and environmental activist  with Camille Jaillant, creator of Olistic the Label. Anchored in the spirit of the times, this exclusive collection was presented with virtual identity cards: an innovative technology developed by the French company Arianee.

Arianee, blockchain technology

Arianee is one of the first applications of the blockchain technology available for brands and final consumers. This open source solution has been designed to give to every single valuable object, whether they are connected or not, a perpetual, secure and unforgeable digital identity. This digital identity is a digital passport with ground breaking features: It can be transferred between product owners, along its lifecycle; It creates a direct anonymous link between the brand and the owners fully respectful of their privacy; It is open and will enable its owner to insure it, declare it lost or stolen, share or signal its ownership and even virtualize it.

Origin & Transparency

Thanks to a QR code, the digital identity of the garment makes it possible to trace its origins in complete transparency, from the selected raw materials to the suppliers who contributed to its manufacture. Guaranteeing the transparency of the value chain, this blockchain technology also certifies the authenticity and ownership of the collection. Thanks to the partnership woven between Olistic the Label and Arianee, each piece ordered on the brand’s website comes with its virtual certificate. This committed approach allows the fashion industry to move forward on the path of transparency by establishing new ethical standards.

A digital identity card

The Arianee protocol makes it possible to associate a unique, unfalsifiable and augmented digital identity with any item of value. This digital “identity card” opens up a new channel for communication between brands, owners and objects that is permanent, secure and anonymous. Based on blockchain technology, the solution implemented by Arianee is open source and decentralized. 

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