New York Fashion Week sustainable collection Olistic The Label


A few days before the United Nations Climate Summit on September 25th 2019, New York hosted its traditional fashion week. A highlight in the fashion calendar that Olistic the Label naturally attended.

From September 6th to 14, American designers offered their vision of fashion trends for the coming year; an exercise to which Camille Jaillant lent herself while combining it with her own definition of luxury: conscious and timeless. Olistic the Label (France’s first sustainable luxury brand) presented a 100% GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standards) collection to the Angel Orensanz Foundation on September 6th, this becoming the only fashion house to show an organic and biodegradable collection at this event.

Noble natural materials sublimated by secular craftsmanship

The 100% natural fluid materials elegantly caress the body. See-through silk organza and airy silk chiffon welcome light reflections and evoke the touch of the sun on the skin. The warm shades, tribute to the earth, are obtained by GOTS certified dyes. Jewels-like embroideries hand-made by artisan highlight the sophistication and femininity of Olistic the Label’s wardrobe while preserving these ancestral skills. 

Inspired by India and its traditional know-how, the collection presented by Olistic the Label honors peace silk. A vegan silk obtained thanks to a conscious culture that, rather than killing the silkworm, allows the butterfly to continue its life cycle before weaving its cocoon thread.

Olistic the Label ensures through the use of this cruelty-free Ahimsa silk that this craft tradition is preserved by supporting a community of women and their natural sericulture.  

Concerned about its ecological impact, Olistic the Label promotes upcycling in order to give a second life to textile materials. Scraps of leather from luxury tanneries give birth to new creations. During her fashion show, Camille Jaillant unveiled the Bellatrix top entirely made of upcycled leather.

A long-lasting poetic wardrobe underlining a bloomed femininity

Flounced skirts are an invitation to dance while long dresses dare to reconcile deep necklines and daring bare backs in pristine white silk satin. Made in luxurious peace silk, midday skirts curve the body and camisole tops gracefully underline the line of a shoulder. Airy, the graments seem to undulate on the podium with the movements of the body and the breath of the wind. 

The gorgeous pieces are named with poetic Latin names inspired by the Bombyx Mori butterfly and its lifecycle. Papilio top, Bombycidae dress, Palpita Vitrealis shirt or Phaeophyceae skirt are all playful winks to the butterfly’s metamorphosis: from the birth of the chrysalis to its hatching, a connection to the natural and organic silk from which the collection’s tops and dresses are woven.

Detail of the Bombycidae dress during the OLISTIC show at New York Fashion Week at the Angel Orensanz Foundation on September 2019

A fashion show as a manifesto to get back to the essential

The 100% sustainable collection presented by Olistic the Label in a bohemian atmosphere is a true invitation to travel, to celebrate life. The collection is a reconnection to nature and to our deepest humanity. 

Underlining the elegance of the timeless fashion created by Camille Jaillant, the models embody a liberated femininity in search of comfort. Radiant faces of women proud of their mixed origins lent for a moment their silhouette to the label intended for a woman citizen of the world.

In an experimental approach, the playlist signed Scorpios mixed traditional music and contemporary sounds. A perfect balance between elegance and nomadic nonchalance; the gypset décor reminded Greek beaches. Modern mermaids, Samayah Jaramillo or Monifa Jansen, slightly wet hair and natural make-up, personified a wild beauty. A fashion show in complete harmony with the philosophy of the sustainable luxury label advocating a return to the essential.

A model walks the OLISTIC show at New York Fashion Week at the Angel Orensanz Foundation, September 2019

Rethinking Fashion Week

Reinventing the fashion show exercise is not an easy task, but it is necessary. Whether it is to show the backstage, as Alessandro Michele did for Gucci a few weeks later, or to rethink the environmental impact of such an event; innovation is essential to continue to surprise as well as to reconcile luxury and sustainability. 

Alternatives to traditional fashion weeks are gradually developing. Gucci, committed within the Kering Group for the Fashion Pact, and Gabriela Hearst opted for carbon-neutral fashion show. This is usually done by offsetting emissions through donations or by minimizing them by using local model casting, fresh and seasonal catering and banishing electrical appliances backstage.

More innovative, virtual catwalk, made possible by platforms such as Fashinnovation, offer a modern eco-responsible alternative to fashion shows. An approach that is also more inclusive since it allows everyone to seat in the front row.

While this fashion week remained traditional in its approach, the need to combine fashion and sustainable development was the raison d’être of the event. Alongside designers, experts and journalists opened the debate. True fashion week guru, Fern Mallis was Executive Director of the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) from 1991 to 2001 and initiator of New York Fashion Week as we know it as Vice President of IMG Fashion from 2001 to 2010. For her, as for the founder of Olistic the Label, the future of fashion is intimately linked to its ability to be redefined through the prism of sustainability. 

As Fern Mallis said, following her retirement from New York Fashion Week in 2019: “Sustainable fashion is the new black. It’s the most important thing happening in the whole universe of fashion and the whole world right now. We all have an obligation to try and protect this planet and live on it as long as possible” (interview with Fashionista).

A Moment of ephemeral grace, Olistic the Label fashion show highlighted its commitment to a luxury that is both trendy and conscious of its impact on our Earth. Concerned to promote her collections in a responsible way, Camille Jaillant is already thinking about the presentation of her future wardrobe. If the appointment is not yet fixed, no doubt the magic will work again. In the meantime, Olistic the Label invites you to discover its 2020 collection thanks to a new experience: its 3D virtual catwalk organized by Fashinnovation and produced by Bigthinx