An invitation to bring together
feminity and sustainability

Olistic the Label invites the top and eco-activist Arizona Muse to imagine an exclusive winter collection. This collaboration offered in limited edition celebrates the encounter of two passionate women committed to an artisanal fashion respectful of our planet.

Arizona Muse welcomes us in her London apartment for an Olistic x Arizona collaboration preview

Elegance & spirit of seduction

These fifteen timeless pieces, essentials of a sustainable feminine wardrobe, distinguish themselves by their minimalist elegance that will dress a woman of character for her everyday life as well as for the end of the year celebrations.

For Olistic, Arizona Muse has chosen fluid and sensual cuts combined with a palette of midnight blues and deep blacks tinted of a mysterious charm. Thought for every moment of a woman’s life, the collection combines tailoring pants, fitted blouses or modern crop tops with daring slip dresses warmed by sophisticated and comfortable wool capes.

Natural materials, promise of comfort and durability

The Olistic x Arizona collection pays tribute to sustainable natural materials made from certified organic fibers. Arizona Muse and Olistic have chosen three materials for their exceptional comfort and resistance combined with a low environmental impact.

Le Lyocell
A silky, fluid wood fiber coming from PEFC-certified sustainable forests.

Peace Silk
A luxurious GOTS-certified silk produced by hand with respect for animal life.

Burel’s Wool
A virgin wool originating from the mountains of the Serra da Estrela (Portugal) where shepherds manually shear the free-range sheep before hand-spinning this exceptional wool.

Born from mystical constellations

Designed for an elegant winter look, this exclusive eco-responsible line adopts sophisticated shades. Orion, Andromeda or Polaris: the aerial pieces are named in tribute to the constellations: a poetic way for Olistic and Arizona Muse to invite us to perceive and feel the magic of the infinitely great, through the touch of the fabric on our skin.

Ideal for the holidays season as well as for everyday life, the Olistic x Arizona collaboration honors a timeless minimalism tinged with mystery. Worn alone or in total look, these limited-edition pieces compose an engaged wardrobe reconciling environmental awareness and sensual elegance.

This sustainable wardrobe transcends time and trends

Composed of a dozen organic pieces, the collection honors a minimalist aesthetic dear to both Arizona Muse and Olistic the Label. The limited-edition selection imagined by the eco-activist supermodel can be worn year after year: a meaningful vision of seasonless fashion as a tribute to Olistic’s core philosophy.

The sobriety of the wardrobe imagined by Arizona Muse reinforces its desirability. This timeless aesthetic is more than ever in the spirit of our times and responds to our thirst for authenticity. An environmental conscience to prepare, with style, the days ahead. Offered in limited edition, the Arizona x Olistic capsule collection is available on Olistic the Label’s website as well as in selected partners.