Our values

We like to create quality pieces with durable materials without ever compromising on aesthetics


Our main commitment as a brand is transparency throughout the supply chain. From our natural fiber to our final production, we follow a sustainable and ethical approach for each product we develop. It is not only a beautiful confection that makes the OLISITC The Label clothing so special; it’s the story behind the garment and the reassurance that everything has been bought and manufactured in a fair way. As an extension of our Olistic philosophy, we highly value where our materials come from and how our collections are produced.

“The beauty of a garment is measured by its ability to cross the ages“


This is the founding value of the Olistic The Label where everyone gives and receives. It is a network woven with exchanges, federation of energies, skills and commitments; everyone works towards a common goal, that is creating fashion both respectful of the environment and of the human beings.

We are doing our utmost to combat poverty and injustice that afflict some women in India through the implementation of relevant and long-term field actions. The support of sericulture in India allows the creation of employment in the communities and consequently a financial independence for our craftsmen. Each brand action is based on listening to the needs of our artisans, men and women.

“Proximity and respect are key to Olistic The Label“


Our brand is based on a human face and touch, with people who know each other and who are connected throughout the supply chain. We have created a strong humanly connection between our partners. Our partnership relationships are based on sharing common values ​​of transparency, mutual respect, and understanding.

In our opinion, the respect of the local communities’ culture and environment is a fundamental value for the success of our collaboration. Committed and determined to protect our lands, we want to create products that make sense.

“Everyone is responsible for the planet and must protect it on their own scale“
Yann Arthus Bertrand


Excellence is also reflected in our taste for aesthetics, the “well-done” motto and in our skills. Excellence is one of Olistic’s most important values. It translates into our constant desire to bring out the best possible product, to constantly strive to improve, to master every detail, and finally to be demanding of ourselves and our partner companies.

At Olistic, we like to create quality pieces with durable materials without ever compromising aesthetics. As we value human first, a product takes longer to develop than in a traditional fashion pattern.

Actually, we value luxury and not the luxury industry…The difference? Our respect for both the human beings and the environment. We do not create a couture piece in a few hours… fashion takes time and passion. Neat seams, modern cuts, materials with high added value, everything is important. Every detail is chosen with care for an undeniable lasting of our products in time.

“The difference we make: we offer unique products with a strong social and environmental commitment“

The 10 Commandments

The philosophy of yoga offers 10 moral and physical commandments to follow in order to be connected to the earth that we also intend to apply to our brand.

The 10 Commandments The 10 Commandments