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BY Leila Alder



Textilrevue Zurich

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Die neue Eleganz by Leila Alder


Empowered Women Make Better Fashion

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Giving Women Annual Conference 2018

11th October 2018, GENEVA

“Fashion is not only skin deep. It is something that affects our lives profoundly. And it’s only fair to bring fashion into a broader conversation about sustainability” – Xenya Cherny Scanlon


Artisan production, bespoke design and master craftsmanship is what creates true luxury products

Founder Annie O. Waterman has accrued over a decade of experience working within the global artisan sector. Annie helps her clients source socially responsible artisan products and cultivates mutually beneficial partnerships between buyers and artisans. She brings unique handmade goods to the mainstream consumer while sustaining craft traditions and creating market exposure for artisans worldwide. Having spent many years in the field, Annie offers a diverse set of skills, including product development, market research, busi- ness mentoring, and artisan sourcing.

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