JEM & Olistic the Label celebrate their shared commitment to the Earth


Some rendez vous seem to be the fruit of fate and can seal much more than friendships. This is the case of the encounter between JEM and Olistic the Label.

Gathered around a cocktail party last January, Dorothée Countour and Camille Jaillant invited their communities to come together and share their vision of sustainable luxury. A unifying organic cocktail, in harmony with the commitments made by both designers.

Ethical commitment as a common thread

JEM is the first French ethical jewelry house. Meaning Jewelry Ethically Minded, ethics and eco-responsibility are at the core of Dorothée Countour’s elevated creations. True promise of commitment, for JEM jewelry is intrinsically value-laden.

Promoting a sustainable luxury more respectful of our Earth and its communities connects the two French houses that question our relationship to clothing and jewelry and invite us to rethink the notion of luxury. Olistic the Label and JEM question the current status quo and shake up preconceived ideas in the world of luxury; through their collections, they pair kindness and aestheticism.

JEM x OLISTIC shooting in Camargue, France

Favoring the use of certified natural resources

Olistic the Label is committed in each step of its production to offer greater transparency by favoring GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified natural materials from organic farming. JEM shares this spirit of openness in an industry marked by the seal of secrecy and the fragmentation of the jewelry business between numerous intermediaries. The brand is the first French jewelry house committed to the Fairmined chain, which guarantees ethical gold, extracted from artisanal mines engaged in an eco-responsible transition. 

JEM was born 10 years ago out of an awareness of the socio-environmental challenges of the artisanal gold industry. For its founder, it was no longer possible to carry on in the current conditions, especially in view of the existence of a concrete alternative solution. Promoting and developing the use of Fairmined Gold has become Dorothée Countour’s mission. A revelation that Camille Jaillant also experienced when she discovered peace silk or cruelty-free Ahimsa silk.

Private cocktail JEM x OLISTIC at the Parisian store JEM

Sustainable luxury: a response to socio environmental challenges 

The gold mining industry employs 15 million miners in the poorest regions of the world. In Africa, Asia and South America, these communities suffer from corruption, economic exploitation and child labor. Risks are omnipresent, both to human life, health and to the environment. Soil, water and air pollution is exacerbated by mercury and cyanide releases. In these dramatic conditions, men risk their lives on a daily basis. 

The Fairmined label created in 2014 by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) was born in response to this harsh observation. Fairmined gold is extracted on a small scale by artisanal communities in compliance with eco-responsible standards that protect the environment, its biodiversity and local populations. Organized through cooperatives, these ten artisanal mines, participate in the development of these positive practices in the region and apply the principles of fair trade. They thus gain access to the international market without going through intermediaries usually involved in drug trades or blood diamond trafficking. The label does not only concern gold mines: each actor of the jewelry supply chain is audited and accredited. A necessary traceability for brands and their customers. 

Étreintes Collection, Pauline Deltour for JEM, 2019

In addition to transparency and the guarantee of extraction with a reduced environmental impact, the Fairmined label guarantees a minimum price for gold and, through a development premium ($4 per gram of gold) paid by its partners, makes it possible to extend the industry to new mines while supporting the development of the community through the construction of roads, schools or health infrastructures. A development philosophy which is, as the founder of JEM reminds us, an essential concept of fair trade. This approach resonates with the commitment made by Olistic the Label, which donates 1% of its turnover to NGOs promoting the preservation of our planet in partnership with 1% for the planet

 JEM, which uses only Fairmined ethical gold, is helping to raise awareness of ethical solutions. In accordance with her sustainable philosophy, Dorothée Countour has chosen to crown her creations with synthetic diamonds. These ethical stones, born from the union of nature and science, guarantee total traceability of the jewelry created alongside laboratories ensuring a neutral environmental footprint.

Cocktail & dinner at the party JEM x OLISTIC in Paris

Craftsmanship at the service of timeless luxury

The preservation of traditional craftsmanship and know-how is at the heart of the values of these committed houses. Olistic the Label shines a light on women’s craftsmanship within an Indian sericulture and European women’s clothing ateliers located in Portugal. JEM preserves French jewelry savoir-faire and crafts threatened by industrialization thanks to its Parisian workshop. 

The same aesthetic sensibility, advocating luxurious simplicity, is a further common feature of JEM and Olistic the Label. The timeless contemporary wardrobe sketched by Camille Jaillant frees itself from seasonality and the fast-paced rhythm imposed by the fashion industry in order to propose a slow conscious fashion reconnected to our desires and needs. The rhythm of jewelry is not the same as the pace of ready-to-wear, Dorothée Countour also wanted to rethink creation by favoring purity: her architectural jewels transcend trends. 

Driven by innovation, Dorothée looks to the future with optimism and affirms her commitments by working on a set of commitment to sustainable development. A permanent creative mindset which, according to her, makes it necessary to rethink customer experience by reinventing it in a virtual and embodied way; a theme also dear to Olistic the Label, which wishes to transform its website in a real information platform on sustainable luxury and the positive impact offered by its collections.

Olistic collection designed in peace silk on display at the JEM store in Paris

While the harmony between the two designers, gathered for the JEM X Olistic the Label cocktail party, was crystal clear, the marriage between the Terra collection and the Étreinte line is an innate union. The soft architectural lines of JEM’s ethical jewelry seemed to underline the fluid dresses made from peace silk. The wedding is a precious moment of life

that brings the two women together: Olistic the Label dresses conscious brides of its bohemian and sophisticated creations, such as the superb Hyriopsis dress. Wedding bands and engagement rings are part of the ethical jewelry house’s vocabulary. Fairmined yellow gold or white gold rings and solitaire rings set with lab-grown diamonds bear witness to the promise of an eternal love, a love extended to our Earth and its natural elements.

Changing the lives of local communities and raising awareness about sustainable alternatives is a philosophy shared by the two founders; both embody a force for change, a positive energy proving that it is possible to question existing business practices in order to humbly make them evolve and meet tomorrow’s challenges.