Fabric, sourcing and manufacturing is at the forefront of every Olistic pieces. It is not just the final beautiful garment that makes Olistic The Label clothing so special; it is the story behind the garment and the conscience you have knowing everything has been sourced and made fairly.




As the brands priority is to protect the Earth,only natural certified organic fibers are used to develop the collection. Our GOTS certification tells us where the silk was grown and woven. From the moment our silk is planted we can trace it. Through the silk roads, the brand sources its fabric in Jharkhand, india where the organic farms are located. We work with trusted partners to ensure that from beginning to end, every step is organically controlled. Indeed, the fibers are grown with no pesticides or hazardous chemicals. Ahimsa silk, also known as peace silk, is a type of silk that is purported to be made in a fashion that is much more humanE. IT is a process in which the silk worms are not harmed when the silk is extracted.



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Olistic works with a talented community of women to make unique handmade embroideries. Real treasure, this heritage should be preserved in Portugal. Due to organic nature of the fabric and handmade manufacturing, every pieces is unique and can be personalized and adjusted to fit different body types. The brand aims at empowering the women by preserving traditional know-how and bring forward their skills. Olistic the label gave them more freedom and time to create beautiful work. Inspired by nature, the drawings come alive on the silky garments




We source our peace silk in India to support local communities and organic crops. Involvement of local women groups was vital, most of the piercing of cocoons, reeling, twisting is done by local women in india. Getting themself financially indEpendent makes women self confidencE in life and they can make sure a better life for themselves and their families. More than just a simple garment, it’s a promise, a listening of life.



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Olistic The Label support European manufacturing by producing the collection in the North of Portugal. All our garments developped are carefully crafted to the highest quality, with stunning results. The brand follows a zero waste policy every single piece of leftover fabric left is reused after cutting to create flowers or to be integrating into new designs. Nothing is throw away. Everything is reused and recycled. The packaging is made with certified FSC recycled craft and silk paper. The labels are carefully made from 100% natural silk in Italy. Transportation of goods from Portugal is by road to minimise environmental impact caused by emissions.

From the organic cotton thread used for the embroideries to the lining, every single detail respect the environment.




The brand promotes slow Fashion through a tightly controlled manufacturing process. We only work with family factories that pay fair wages and provide good working conditions for their staff. The factory is visited regularly and we maintain an excellent relationship with our workers. The garments are made carefully, crafted to the highest quality standards. As we value peoples work first, the product development takes more time compared to the fast fashion industry. We give large lead times for production to ensure the factory workers can manage our orders within their working day in order to produce quality pieces. For us, being in the slow fashion market is a guarantee of quality and sustainability. Being human is also taking time to share, respect, live and care for our employees well being.


There is a real connection between the makers, the wearers and the designer.