Sustainable Partnerships

Common goals partners

We have aligned all of our goals with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are our guidelines for the protection of our planet and the defense of human rights. Sustainability is at the core of our brand. All our choices are made to respect both Earth and its human beings. We have taken the required amount of time to find the right partners and develop sustainable collections that have little impact on the planet and do not harm the wearer.

The United Nations

The fourth United Nations Environment Assembly was held in Nairobi in March 2019. On this occasion, the United Nations Alliance for Sustainable Fashion was launched. For 5 days, the United Nations Environment Assembly gave the floor to delegates from more than 170 member countries. The launch of the Alliance for Sustainable Fashion established a vision in line with the United Nations agenda for sustainable development. A major event inaugurated in the presence of Brune Poirson, vice-president of the United Nations Environment Assembly and French President Emmanuel Macron. Olistic the Label, the first sustainable French luxury fashion brand, was one of the houses invited to Nairobi. The committed brand continued its fight with the United Nations by taking part in the Climate Summit in New York where Olistic the Label presented a 100% wood fiber collection supported by the UNECE.

Les Nations Unies

The International Labour Organization

The International Labour Organization is a human and labor rights organization that advocates for the social justice of all women and men worldwide. They gather governments, employers, and workers to set labor rules, working conditions, create programs that enhance employment opportunities, and implement labor policies effectively. Celebrating the centenary of the ILO, the Green Week features exhibitions, dialogues with practitioners, innovators, and strategic partners and a presentation of programmes and initiatives of the ILO in the field of environmental sustainability. Camille Jaillant founder of Olistic The Label, share her experience in India and the lessons she learnt, as well her aspirations to contribute to a greener future. Committed to a greener and humane fashion industry, ILO is a member of the United Nations Sustainable Fashion Alliance.



The Arianee project is an independent, participative – organization whose mission is to build a global standard for the digital certification of valuable objects by promoting and supporting the adoption of the Arianee protocol.  Made of trust, respect and transparency, both Olistic & Arianee believe in giving the power back to consumers. Arianee develop industry driven, open source and decentralized technologies, thanks to cryptographic technology and distributed governance. Arianee give to each valuable object an authentic, secure and augmented digital representation with certificates. For the technology company, True Luxury is about augmenting the ownership of goods, facilitating the building and transmission of collections, placing groundbreaking features at owners’ fingertips and creating a perpetual yet anonymous link between brands and owners. Olistic is an active member of Arianee blockchain. All the certificates created by Olistic are protected by Arianee technology and can be transferred to the next owner with transparency.


Founded by Marcelo and Jordana Guimarães in 2018, Fashinnovation brings together international business leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and fashion designers, to inspire and ignite conversations that lead to revolutionary change within the industry. Since launching with their debut conference at New York Fashion Week, Fashinnovation has built a community of powerhouses and engaged brands. The mission of Fashinnovation is to connect entrepreneurs and innovators to create positive change in the fashion industry through technology. Olistic was invited in New York to participate to the panel about SDG & the future of the fashion industry and to present its sustainable collection made with peace silk and wood. Olistic was also part of the innovative virtual fashion shows of Fashinnovation realized by Bigthinx. The digital event was a modern and eco-friendly alternative to fashion shows.