The Earth

We believe in sustainable luxury without compromising fashion

Fully committed to protecting the Earth, we only select natural fibers that are organic-certified. Our sustainable collections feature materials that have a reduced impact on the environment: peace silk, wood fibers, virgin wool and leather scraps.

Natural, Organic Fibers

Our collections are made of 100% natural and biodegradable fibers that are GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). This independent label is a promise of organic fashion that controls all stages of our production to guarantee the low environmental impact of our brand.

Natural fibers do not generate any toxic substances for our health and that of our planet. When a synthetic fabric is washed, thousands of microplastics are discharged into waste water. These particles are later ingested by marine species and human populations. Choosing natural organic fibers means promoting a garment that is more respectful of the Earth at every stage of its lifecycle: from its production and washing to its destruction.

Low-impact consumption

Water is a scarce and precious resource. We preserve the world’s water supply by working with partners who only use the minimum amount of water to cultivate our fibers and create our fabrics. We favor organic materials that are grown and dyed without any pesticides or toxic substances. From the organic cotton thread of our handcrafted embroideries to the lining of our garments, every detail is environmentally friendly.

We are committed to reducing our water and electricity consumption at every stage of our production cycle. Like our fibers, our packaging is certified organic and biodegradable. We offset all carbon emissions related to the transport and delivery of our collections. 

Circular Economy & Zero Waste

Olistic the Label designs a feminine and elegant fashion that is nourished by the multiple opportunities for sustainable creation. Olistic applies a zero-waste policy from design to production. After cutting, silk scraps are reused to create unique pieces, ornaments or small pouches for our buttons. We offer some exclusive creations in upcycled fabrics such as leather scraps or dormant textile stocks.

Whatever clothes you decide to buy, we invite you to repair or recycle them. After wearing your beloved Olistic the Label pieces for several years, you have the opportunity to return them to us. Thanks to your commitment, we will be able to reuse the fabric to bring your garment back to life. By recycling your wardrobe, you contribute to a greener economy and a more responsible fashion. As a thank you for your gesture, you will receive a voucher on our new collection.

Our constant goal is to reuse and recycle any material already present on Earth.


Being a responsible actor also means thinking about every detail, such as the packaging of our collections. As a sustainable brand, we minimize our waste production by choosing 100% natural materials that are both certified organic and recycled and we ban the use of plastic to avoid polluting the land and the oceans.

Our pieces are carefully folded and wrapped in white silk paper free of any dyes or logos. This paper is made from paper mulberry, a tree where the bombyx, whose delicate cocoon gives life to the silk, is raised. We protect each Olistic the Label’s garment in 100% biodegradable pouches made from corn starch. Our recycled fiber boxes are FSC certified.

In a sustainable approach, our labels are carefully made in Italy in 100% natural silk.

A holistic vision of fashion, a circular globality

A return to earth