The Healing Power of the Seaside


Olistic the Label offers eco-responsible fashion inspired by the elements. The brand is committed to a sustainable luxury more respectful of our planet and its oceans. Source of all life, water is a precious resource. The benefits of the sea and the ocean on our bodies, but also on our minds, are a call to preserve our ecosystems and reduce our environmental impact.

A walk along the shores offers many benefits to body and mind

Sea and Oceans Offer Complete Body Regeneration

Living by the sea helps to improve the immune system and reduce the development of various diseases. The invigorating influence of sea water is reinforced by the presence of trace elements, negative ions that are beneficial to our health and mineral salts. Salt favors the infiltration of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus: elements that are conducive to the proper functioning of muscles and metabolism. Salt water also stimulates better healing.

Iodized air allows the body to absorb more oxygen, which improves the heart rate. Breathing the salt breeze cleans the lungs and promotes better rest. Several British studies (National Trust) have shown that a walk along the beach shores prolongs sleep by about 47 minutes.

While the summer sunshine provides a beautiful tan and a healthy glow, it is also a source of vitamin D, which is ideal for combating depression and strengthening the digestive immune system.

The healing virtues of the seaside have built the reputation of costal resorts and marine cures. Thalassotherapy continues to seduce, from the Basque coast to La Baule, Belle Époque palaces offer sea salt crystal scrubs and seaweed wraps.

Emotional and Spiritual Benefits

At the European level, the subject is of interest to researchers. The BlueHealth project studies the links between environment, climate and health.  Living or staying close to the shore provides many benefits for the mind: perks that can be enjoyed by taking an invigorating bath, but also by quietly contemplating the water. Proximity to the ocean is believed to have a positive effect on mental health by reducing stress, depression and anxiety. The sea breeze rebalances the serotonin levels that cause feelings of happiness and wellness.

These moments of meditative tranquility by the beach encourage introspection to regain calm. The infinite horizon allows access to a state of well-being reinforced by the intensity of the reverberated light. The coastline thus restores the ability to let go and welcome serenity, an imperative facing with increasing levels of stress.

For city dwellers in search of relaxation, this serenity invites itself into the heart of our urban spaces thanks to applications such as Calm or playlists capturing the surf’s backwash.

Enjoying the Virtues of the Sea on a Daily Basis

Away from the shore, treatment centers offer baths and immersions to experience deep relaxation. Water is the only element to offer this unique feeling of being carried, so it is only natural that many water activities, gentle on the mind and body, have been developed. These include watsu, an aquatic shiatsu, aqua yoga or flotation, which allows one to feel weightlessness in water with a high salt content that promotes sensory isolation. To enjoy the benefits of the sea on a daily basis, skincare brands offer to bottle active ingredients of marine origin.

The English brand Haeckels designs eco-responsible skincare products with anti-aging and moisturizing properties made from brown algae reinforced in minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Haeckels suggests a natural alternative to chemical active ingredients. In Ireland, seaweed baths are ancestral rituals, known for their effects on rheumatism and blood circulation. Ayla offers these benefits at home thanks to its soaps made from hand-harvested seaweed on the coast of Santa Fe and then dried in the sun in the California desert. The regeneration and revitalizing power of the sea gave birth to La Mer and its mythical Crème de la Mer. In the 1960s, its founder Dr. Huber was one of the pioneers in releasing the active ingredients of seaweed through fermentation.

Haeckels sustainable skincare encapsulates the properties of brown algae

Protecting Our Oceans to Preserve Their Benefits

In water, algae filter pollutants, remove excess acidity and promote the development of nutrients. Our oceans and their micro-organisms, including plankton, are responsible for more than 50% of the oxygen we breathe, a reminder of the fragile balance of marine ecosystems and our duty to preserve them. Olistic the Label participates in the fight against global warming by offering collections made of natural materials avoiding the discharge of plastic waste into waterways during the production and washing of textile fibers. A member of the NGO 1% for the planet, the sustainable luxury fashion label donates 1% of its turnover to associations working to protect ocean and coastal biodiversity, such as the Surfrider Foundation.

While vegetarianism is virtuous for health and the environment, pescetarian regimes are a step towards a more ecoresponsible balanced diet. Great source of fatty acid, selenium and omega 3, fish provides lean protein, is good for the heart and also reduces the risk of diabetes. However, it is essential to promote local sustainable fishing that respects the sea. Haute cuisine is being introduced to a gourmet gastronomy, inspired by the sea, without meat and more eco-conscious, like the three-star chef Alain Ducasse officiating at the Plaza Athénée palace. This vision, anchored in naturalness, echoes the organic creation of Olistic the Label. The sustainable luxury brand pays homage to nature through an ethical garment designed in natural or upcycled fibers whose shades and details are an ode to the natural elements.

Sea and oceans stimulate our senses, from the invigorating scent of iodized air to the soothing rhythm of the waves. A gift from the abyss, natural white mother-of-pearl from sustainable cultures metamorphoses into elegant buttons on Olistic the Label silk organza shirts. Olistic the Label’s slow fashion and its commitment to a greener fashion industry help to preserve the seas and oceans so that future generations can draw health and serenity from them with a clear conscience.

Alain Ducasse offers a natural cuisine at the Plaza Athénée