Yoga & mindfulness: the soul of Olistic the Label


Yoga is a millennia-old life philosophy, constantly reinvented and that never ceased to go beyond the notion of materiality in order to place Man within a global spirituality. A holistic vision shared by Camille Jaillant, founder of Olistic the Label, the first sustainable luxury brand in France.

Yoga, connecting our inner world to the outer environment

Yoga, as we now practice it in the West, reveals only a tiny part of its secrets. The definition of what is yoga is much more complex and cannot be summed up in a few sun salutations.

Some dynamic practices focus mainly on the body: Hatha Yoga (violent effort) purifies both body and mind through physical exercises and breathing rituals. The postures release energies just as in Ashtanga Yoga from which Vinyasa and Power Yoga originate. Iyengar Yoga focuses on alignments while Bikram Yoga, a detox yoga, is based on an unchanged sequence practiced in a heated humid room.

Softer yoga variations are similar to meditation in order to relieve stress and physical tension. Yoga Nidra promotes letting go in a sleep-like state. Yin Yoga stabilizes the body with yoga cushions and props by combining both stretching and opening postures held for several minutes. Kundalini Yoga derivates from Tantrism and encourages the rise of energy.

Kriya Yoga, brings together all these postural yoga practices with mantra chanting and tantrism. Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga (devotion) and Jnana Yoga (knowledge) are also a wider definition of the true essence of yoga.

Yoga and meditation liberate the body and ease the mind. Beyond the yoga mat remains the observation of oneself and one’s environment. This openness to the world resonates with Olistic the Label.

India, cradle of Yoga and Olistic the Label’s philosophy

The age-old practice was born on the banks of the Ganges river; yoga means “to connect” in Sanskrit. Yoga is thus the union of body and mind, from the self to the environment, from the human (Atman) to the divine (Brahman). 

The Aryâs tribe spread Sanskrit, the Vedic religion and its sung prayers (Veda, knowledge) in northern India. The psalmodies of the Brahman priests embraced the mantra Om; a sound whose vibratory frequency resonates within the astral body and a holy syllable where everything would be contained. Today, mantras and vibratory frequencies are still part of meditation and relaxation to harmonize the chakras.

Alongside Vedic religious rituals, yoga meditation aims at liberating (moksha) mankind from the cycle of reincarnations (samsara) and the accumulated weight of our actions (karma). This liberation comes from self-knowledge; an intimate encounter that naturally lead to the encounter of the universal soul. 

Yoga at temple, Amanbagh-Patapgargh fort in India

Meditative yoga, defined as stopping the agitated mind, is close to the meditation practice that we can explore alone, in class or online through applications such as Petit Bambou. Sitting postures invite us to work on our breathing in full consciousness (asana means “to sit”).

Then came Yoga Sutra, written by Patanjali, a guide addressed to yogi masters for them to transmit Raja Yoga (Ashtanga) and then the Hatha Yoga Pradîpikâ, the first written guide to Hatha Yoga, revealing contemporary asanas.

It is in India, in Dharamsala (named “little Lhasa” since it welcomes the Dalai Lama in exile), that Camille Jaillant set off to encounter yoga and herself. To her initiatory practice of Ashtanga was added a silent retreat in an ashram: a transformative experience that allowed the busy young woman to regain possession of her time.

In addition to her desire to redefine the rhythm of fashion, she also realized the impact of the industry on the earth and its communities. The beginnings of Olistic the Label started in this remote Himachal Pradesh valley, surrounded by the scent of incense and the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, far from Parisian sewing ateliers. 

Sunrise yoga practise at Amanbagh-Patapgargh fort in India

The withdrawal of daily agitation as a remedy for contemporary troubles (depression, insomnia, stress) explains the success of yoga meditation retreats. Just like the zen stays organized by the luxurious Aman hotels or Ananda Spa; temples of well-being that offer yoga and mindfulness retreats in Rajasthan or the Himalayas.

Nature, intrinsic element of yoga and Olistic the Label’s fashion 

The first yogis observed nature. Some postures allow one to quietly devote oneself to meditation; others, more acrobatic: grasshopper, crow or pigeon poses lend a smile. This biomimicry highlighting a deep respect for animal life and humility in front of nature are shared by Olistic whose embroideries evoke the noble ginkgo plants or the oblong lines of foliage.

In Paris as elsewhere, these Sanskrit names are rarely translated as is the case for the fauna and flora specimen universally known by their Latin name. Hyriopsis, Callainae, Aurum… Scientific and poetic terms that inspire the brand to create an authentic fashion tribute to the elements. 

The luxurious durable pieces created by the label promote both physical comfort and spiritual well-being. On the belts of luxurious silk satin jumpsuits, embroideries represent the balance of energies, the link between our 7 chakras and a poetic way to give fashion a touch of spirituality.

Meditation yoga: physical postures and mindset

Yoga is a complete philosophy of life where the physical practice is complemented by 7 other steps.

Wellness Immersions, Meditation at Somsagar Lake

5 yamas define a code of ethics to live in peace with the outside world. Olistic the Label applies them alongside its founding values of caring, excellence, sharing and transparency.

Ahimsa, non-violence, is embodied in certified natural materials that are respectful of all human and animal life. The artisans of Indian sericulture allow the silkworm to complete its transformation cycle before weaving Olistic’s Ahimsa silk, a vegan peace silk.

Satya, authenticity leads to transparency; a value dear to Olistic the Label, which perfectly knows all its partners. The house ensures the traceability of its creations for its client thanks to the blockchain technology developed by Arianee.

Asteya, don’t steal. Olistic the Label takes care to preserve natural resources thanks to sustainable cultures and production methods; the label thus preserves our planet for future generations.

Bramacharya, avoid distractions. This return to essentials is embodied in the timeless fashion proposition of Olistic the Label. The elegant seasonless and sustainable collections can be worn year after year. 

Aparigrahara, don’t be greedy. This benevolence is shared by the brand, which offers better working conditions and living wage to its artisans. As a committed designer, Camille Jaillant establishes partnerships with other key players in sustainable fashion.

Shiva statue in Rishikesh, India

5 principles of ethical self-discipline, niyamas, propose to achieve peace with oneself.

Breathing exercises: pranayama (from prana “breath”, “vital energy”) cultivate energy to meditate and develop concentration. The deep and sonorous Ujjayi breath evokes the ocean. These exercises promote serenity, relaxation as well as autoimmunity. 

The withdrawal of the senses, of the surrounding effervescence, constitutes the pratyâhâra. It also means taking the time. The time needed to design collections free from the cyclical hustle and bustle of fashion. It is also the time offered by the brand to its craftsmen to achieve excellence in haute couture finishes.

Concentration, dhârana, is a necessary art in our hyperactive lives where we all strive to be multi-tasked. 

Then comes meditation, dhyâna, which frees the mind. The stream of thoughts flows freely, allows contemplation, without attachment.

Ritual candle in Varanasi, India

The ultimate stage of yoga, samâdhi, consecrates wholeness through union and absorption, it is the deep connection of the self to the universe. Olistic the Label’s wardrobe celebrates both the rooting of the body and the elevation of the mind. GOTS certified dyes allow conscious fabrics made of vegetal fibers to obtain earthy shades while fluid muslin and vaporous crepes compose an ethereal and airy fashion.

There is no original, true and unique yoga, but rather an evolution of the practice. It is this subtle adaptation that keeps both yoga and meditation relevant nowadays. This resilience is echoed in Olistic’s will to combine fashion with its sustainable development commitment. In its own way, the sustainable luxury brand weaves a dialogue between handcrafted luxury that respects traditional know-how and a modern and ethical interpretation of fashion, essential for tomorrow.